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Position of ITIL and COBIT

As a lot of frameworks, the approachment and guidance in Information Technology management in some cases, make related practitioners (management and staff) are confuse. Then how is the position, methodology and guidance of each framework with another ? Do they complement or replace each other? If they complement each other, then how is it being implemented? Meanhwile, if they replace each other, so where is the weaknesses and the strengths of its framework comparing to another ? Or is it just a trick of particular vendor or organization in order to increase the sale of their product or service?

The questions that often come up in discussions, forums, and seminars is : What are the differences between ITIL and COBIT ? And how to use it ?. As we know, COBIT or Control Objective of Information and related Technology is the guideline for IT management, including input, process, output, also process control which are divided into 4 objectives and 32 key areas. Each of these objectives are: Planning & Organization (PO), Acquisition & Implementation (Al), Delivery & Support (DS) and Monitoring. Meanwhile ITIL is a framework for managing IT services which is divided into processes and functions (see the explanation about ITIL in separate article). The two areas/module in ITIL, namely Service Support and Delivery has turned into CORE in ITIL version 2, and thereafter we called it as IT Service Management.

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