Mitratex Konsultan

Project Management Office

Project Management Office, is one of the functional units established for the first time when Miratex was being built. The present of PMO represents company concerns in giving the quality of solution to each client. Through PMO, the monitoring project until deliverables becomes an important part to certain client satisfaction. Division responsible for organizing PMO has two superior programs, as follows:

a)  Delivery Template and Standard:  We use the same standard and template in delivering our solution to certain the quality goal. We also continually develop our standard and template, to adjust with the development of business and technology.
b)  Consultant Tracking System:   
We are monitoring all the consultant activities through Professional Tracking System (Protrack), so we can certain that our consultant can work effectively and efficiently, but still prioritize our quality

Quality Consultans

Mitratex has competent consultants in IT Strategic Management and IT Governance, we continually develop the human resources to improve their quality, both soft skill and hard skill. By developing the skill and competency of our consultants, we hope that it will create an excellent capability to deliver qualified result. Therefore, management creates a CORPORATE UNIVERSITY, established to provide both soft skills and hard skill training required by industry demand.

Aftersales Support

Our commitment towards quality is not only indicated by PMO and People Development but also by lifetime support. By LIFETIME SUPPORT GUARANTEE, we keep company with all our clients to be able to implement all our solutions effectively and efficiently.