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Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise Architecture is a concept of architecture or blueprint that define both structure and operational process of organization. Enterprise Architecture is a definition, descriptions, and interconnection of vision, mission, and strategic of organization includes strategies, functionalities, locations, organization structures, business processes, information, technologies, and infrastructures, also performance parameters.

The main components of Enterprise Architecture are:
- Principles
- Structure of organization
- Business processes
- Stakeholders
- Applications, data and infrastructure
- Technologies used on computer network, application, database, etc.

Enterprise Architecture can be utilized for
- Viewing the interconnection between organization goals and information system.
- Supporting on decision making activities.
- Utilizing technology communication and information to support operational activities.
- Enhancing data integration between organizations unites such as system information development standard so that
the number of application interface will be decreased.

One of the frameworks that we use to develop Enterprise Architecture is The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).
Our products related to Enterprise Architecture are
1. Enterprise Architecture
2. Business Process Management
3. IT Architecture

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